So you trust your Dealership ?

Its been a common response from customers regarding their vehicle service contracts that they trust their dealership over a private company . Lack of due diligence leads to them being unaware of the fact that the policy they agreed to is actually covered by an Administrator that a private company ; not a household name like Nissan , can sell sometimes cheaper than the dealership can .

In recent news , Universal City Nissan , located in Los Angeles , CA. is being sued by prominent auto fraud attorney Michael R. Vachon , Esq. for allegedly repossessing a consumers  vehicle when they had no legal right to do so. The lawsuit alleges

a violation of California’s automobile repossession laws, and was filed in California Superior Court on April 23rd , 2013 (Case No. BC5067890 ) for more on this story click here Digital Journal  .

So I’m guessing that if I continue to dig I could probably find hundreds and maybe even thousands of reports just like this for all of the “household “names out there . Should I believe everything I read on the internet? Some people seem to. I think if that the case then I should run out and get Globe magazine too 😉

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