45,892 Ripoff Reports Found for your Bank ?

Who do you bank with ?  


Recently I found myself listening to people trying to back out of their contracts by stating these words “there were complaints about you online .” Yes its true we have 5 total . In response to that I thought I would investigate how many the banks that the consumers use  also have complaints online . I found under the search for Bank Of America a staggering 45,892 reports for them and other “household ” names ! These are the banks that everyone knows and continues to use everyday .

One point I’d like to touch on , is that these banks offer “online banking” ! They are being investigated , sued and chastised for allegations of fraud and  misrepresentation . When you go through and read them a good majority would have a strong case if taken at face value based on the original post . The point is however , that it requires a more in depth look into each one to determine whats really going on with each case. Question is do you believe what you hear from every “town crier” without doing your due diligence ? If  so , then 45,892 means I should never bank again , take out a mortgage loan , or deal with any financial institution of any kind including but not limited to Bank of America…  For more on this and others click here – Bank Complaints  

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