Women in Racing

Indy Racing League 2008 Rd.3 Indy Japan 300: D...

Indy Racing League 2008 Rd.3 Indy Japan 300: Danica Patrick (Andretti Green Racing) in Twin Ring Motegi, 2 laps to go to the end of the race. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I ran across an interesting video today on my quest for relate able topics . The video was an interview with rock-star racing superstar Danica Patrick . She is deemed the most successful woman in history of American open-wheel racing . She is the only woman to have ever won in the IndyCar series as well as held the highest finish by a woman (placing 3rd ) at the Indianapolis 500 . What intrigued me was her very down to earth demeanor and wisdom she shared from some of experiences .

The best thing that I took from this compelling story was hope for my 2 little girls that they can truly achieve anything they set their minds to do provided they are given the love and support of their family. Outstanding success story an a true role model in my opinion !

Here is the video I found :

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