What is an Auto Warranty ?

The coverage that we receive from the manufacturer of vehicle when purchasing a new vehicle is called warranty. Most of the new vehicles come with a comprehensive three year bumper to bumper warranty. Some components of the vehicle may have longer warranty, it also differs from country to country. A vehicle warranty generally covers major mechanical systems like the engine, transmission, and brake systems. A typical vehicle warranty is taken by a highly-rated insurance company which allows for repairs to be made at any certified automotive service station, and pays claims in full.. Some auto warranty programs also provide trip interruption insurance , roadside assistance, and rental car benefits It is necessary for the vehicle owners to keep accurate records and receipts for any work done on the vehicle. Neglecting of the routine maintenance or servicing of a car is a frequent cause for claim refusal. It is advisable that all vehicle owners familiarize themselves with the service routine as outlined in the owner’s manual, so that in the event of a mechanical failure there will be no deviation from the terms outlined in the auto warranty agreement. If the vehicle warranty expires , a third party vehicle protection plan may be purchased for future repairs. Vehicle protection plan provides an agreement that provides for repair and replacement of covered parts, including labor. Vehicle warranty terms are: In-Service Date: The date when you take possession of your car from a dealer. Deductible is the amount the vehicle owner pays for any covered repair under the terms of some auto warranty programs. Some manufacturer’s auto warranty programs are transferable. Some of the Auto warranty programs are Basic warranty, Power train warranty, Emissions warranty, Corrosion warranty.

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