Enterprise Financial Group

Enterprise Financial Group (EFG) companies have been providing custom made customer protection solutions to original equipment manufacturers, dealers, agents and lenders. EFG have tailor made products to suit the requirements of the manufacturer’s and dealers looking to provide value added services to their customers. In addition to providing value added customer protection solutions, EFG also provide customized digital or online marketing solutions that would enable the providers to get more traffic to their product web site and ultimately increase their product sales. Range of product Solutions provided by EFG EFG provides a wide range of solutions to original equipment manufacturers and agents looking to increase their customer base. The different solutions provided by EFG are detailed below. Repair and Maintenance product solutions For Auto industry dealers, this solution provides the required opportunity to improve their customer service levels. As part of this solution, EFG offer a wide range of plans such as Motor Assistance plan, Maintenance value program and Xtreme protection for motorcycles. Motor Assistance plans come with options such as Higher Mileage service contracts that protect the customers buying higher mileage cars by offering discounted repair services. There are also separate plans covering customers buying new and user cars from dealers. Debt protection solutions EFG provides ready made debt protection programs such as vehicle return protection program that would enable the borrower to get out of the debt by returning the vehicle. There are other such programs that would be of great help to the Auto dealers and lenders in driving more traffic to their website, which would in turn result in increased car sales. Appearance protection solution This solution enables the dealers to provide solutions to their end customers and help them in maintaining the external appearance of the cars and its different components in a great condition. EFG provides external appearance add on packages like the Signature Finish appearance protection program, signature finish dent protection program and Finish wheel and tire protection program. Claims Administration EFG provides a highly integrated claims administration system that comes with end to end automation. Clients can use this online system to administer the claims processing of their end customers without EFG getting involved in it. This online claims system would enable the clients to increase the percentage of claims that have been paid.

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