Interstate National Dealers Services

Whether we’re talking about new or used cars, trucks, watercraft, and other recreational vehicles, Interstate National Dealer Services is an industry leader in providing extended warranties and service contracts for such items. Check out to learn more about our services without paying an arm and a leg to protect your valued possessions. I.N.D.S. is here to assure you that while you are traveling abroad you will be protected. We want you to feel safe whether your on vacation or just making the long haul to work for the day. It is hard to enjoy yourself on vacation if all you do is worry. We want to help take stress out of the equation. Let’s say you own a R.V. and would like to see more of the country, we all know R.V.’s are expensive and there is an abundance of maintenance involved to assure you and your family will travel safely. That’s what I.N.D.S. is in business to do, to let you know you are protected as well as your family. The whole point of getting away is to ease the mind of everyday life. Let us help you feel safer. Maybe you’re not interested in traveling the country, you enjoy the water. Rest assured we cover your favorite boats and watercraft. Sometimes you can do your best to protect your boat or watercraft but it just isn’t good enough. Things can happen that are out of your control sometimes, that’s where I.N.D.S. comes into play. Let I.N.D.S. give you that added level of protection you need. Suppose your not the adventurous type, but you want to feel reliable in your everyday vehicles, I.N.D.S. has just the service you need. Whether your driving your brand new sedan, S.U.V., or you are feeling like a weekend warrior and you want to pull the ole beauty out of the garage for a weekend ride that you have been working hard all week to deserve. That’s the beauty of I.N.D.S., we have you covered from every angle. So when it comes to extended warranties and service contracts we are here to provide whatever level of protection you need. We hope to hear from you soon !! Thank You.

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