Vehicle service contract ; commonly known as an auto warranty

New vehicles almost always come with a factory warranty. These

Auto Protection Alliance auto service contracts

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usually replace, repair, or cover the cost of any broken or defective components

or should anything malfunction during a certain period of time or for a distance

in miles obtained. In most cases the mileage allowed is around 36,000 and time frame is commonly 3 years, whichever comes first. There are in some cases dealerships who do offer extended auto warranty coverage. Customers have to be wary when assuming that their extended warranty covers everything that they are hoping for, in fact most extended warranties cover only specific situations, like engine or transmission failure. Consumers need to be fully informed and prepared to make the correct decision based on their automotive needs.

In order to have the right piece of mind when owning a vehicle, one must have a

quality assurance that the vehicle will be properly cared for if and when

something happens that requires repair. Auto warranty services are an alternative

to the factory and extended warranties. A much better and wiser choice in fact.

When dealing with auto warranty services you have the choice to decide what it

is you are looking for in a warranty. Whether if it is just component warranty that you feel is right for you or a more detailed warranty like the power train warranty or maybe even the full coverage for those who really feel that their vehicle,

and more-so, their investment is truly covered in any of life’s great surprises.

Unlike dealerships, auto warranty services leaves it to the consumer to have their say and have a decision in what it is they want.

When a policy is purchased from dealership there is information that is not

revealed to the customer. Most dealerships do their best to avoid having to

fix problems with your vehicle because then they would be losing money that

they had marked up at the time of sale. Some dealerships will even go as far

as replacing your automobiles parts with used parts to avoid having to go in

pocket to honor the warranty in which they sold you. Just as long as they can

get your vehicle running again then they are happy that they saved a dollar, they

could care less if it only runs long enough to get you home. Having an extended warranty with a dealership is like a roll of the dice, you don’t know what you are going to be getting. With auto warranty services you are dealing with an agency that prides themselves in the care and the life of your vehicle. They make their

living providing people with the necessary tools to keep their automobile

running smooth and their customers feeling secure and assured.

Extended warranties from dealerships are policies that are commonly set in stone

with no leeway in terms of quality of service or cost to the customer. As

long as they can earn a little more from the sale then dealerships will try

their best to get all they can from you. Auto warranty services offer multiple

options when it comes to price of a service and are very flexible in regards

to beating or matching the prices of their competitors. There is always someone

there to give you one on one support to any questions you may have about your

warranty and are willing to assist you until your problem is solved. There are

very few dealerships that are willing or even able to answer complicated questions

about a warranty and very many of them won’t even entertain a conversation about your warranty, instead give you the run around or try to lead you into a topic

that has nothing do with your questions on the subject.

Few dealerships offer a complete and dedicated roadside assistance as part of

their extended warranty. And when they do offer it you can be sure that it is

not a quality service in which they pride themselves in. Dealerships are there

for one thing and that is selling a vehicle. Their top priorities are selling a

vehicle. The concentrate on just that… selling the vehicle. If they have time

then you can possibly get some help from them. But do you want someone who is

concentrating on selling a vehicle in charge of getting you assistance when you’re

stuck on the side of the road.. Auto warranty services concentrate on keeping

your automobile running and are ready with a plan of action in case your

vehicle does leave you stranded. Most dealerships are not even prepared for

an event like this. Factory warranties and extended warranties from the dealership

do offer a form of insurance in case certain situations arise but most things

won’t until the warranty is up. With auto warranty services, you can determine

what your warranty embodies and you can keep a serenity and satisfaction that

you can’t find from a dealership. Go to for more details .


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