Its been a re-occurring nightmare for me to wake up daily , drag my butt to my cupboard where I keep my coffee , and begin the tedious process of how to get the point across that there is an internet trend happening where ” the boy who cried wolf ” is the one most heard and who’s word is golden.
There are all sorts of what I call “opportunists ” in the “constantly connected ” web of business and consumer community portals today. The worst ones I’m discovering as of late , are the ones that abuse the “customers always right ” approach to good customer service standards and leverage the well known and who’s deemed an authority on whats a scam or fraud , Ripoff report ,Consumer Protection Alliance and The BBB.
There are no filters and or laws that I am currently aware of that protect an individual , and or entity from slanderous accusations or posts from appearing online . One can literally say whatever they want about anyone they want and it will be available for everyone to read and share .
Certain so called “information portals and self proclaimed “advocates of the consumer ” force the accused to pay for their reputation management services or ratings like the BBB and Ripoff if the online defendant wants to become redeemed in the eyes of their readers.
My growing irritation of this fact compelled me to start looking around to see how many victims are there really . My first search was done on the fictitious town crier justice league Ripoff Report . A staggering 45,892 reports were generated under the search term Bank Of America within their directory . 1,634,690 is the number of total reports as of 12:35 pm PT on May 24 of this year .
Even McDonald’s had reports on them totaling 174 ranging from claims of racism to serving customers half eaten sandwiches .
My growing concern is that this will only get worse and there is nothing being done to change it because no-one takes it serious when McDonald’s gets accused of serving half a sandwich . We all know its some douche-bag fabricating a lie to get a settlement and their attorneys can address it if it escalates in a way that ever effects the company’s brand .They don’t however , take into account the serious ramifications it has on the little cafe on the corner from example , that is doing the best they can to please everyone so they continue to keep their doors open .
I am not saying that every claim isn’t legitimate but none are truly presented with fairness that allows for
the facts to be presented without bias .
I suppose my point is that the older I get the more I start to realize that human beings by nature are creatures drawn to bad news , tragedy , and the like … For more Post like these click here …. Creative Sarcasm

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