What is an Extended Warranty* (vehicle service agreement)?

You Have Questions we have answers .

Auto Protection Alliance

  •                            The Auto Processing Center knows that Only manufacturers offer a “bumper-to-bumper” factory warranty, limited by time
    and/or miles. In most cases, the factory warranty will cover the repair or
    replacement of most vehicle components should they fail under normal operating
    conditions. In addition, some manufacturers offer a “power train” warranty that
    will, for a longer period, cover the failure of a limited number of parts that
    are lubricated by engine oil. Most Warranty carriers market vehicle service
    agreements (commonly called “extended warranties”) that provide exclusionary (
    new car) coverage back 5 model years, and emulate the vehicle service contracts
    offered by the original selling Dealer, at the time of your purchase.
    Comprehensive listed component coverage is also available for pre-owned autos
    and trucks back 20 years.

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