What is “Wear and Tear” or “Failure Coverage”?


Extended auto service contracts  provided by the majority of dealerships  specifically exclude breakdowns that are caused by
“wear and tear”. This means that if a part fails because it wears beyond O.E.M.
factory tolerance, the typical  provider will not pay for the repair because
the part did not “break”, it just “wore out”. Many policies that are provided are strictly
mechanical breakdown polices. As an example (Should a ball joint break and you
are towed in, it would pay for towing (usually $50) and the parts and labor on
the repair. If the other ball joint is diagnosed as out of tolerance but has not
actually broken yet, if replaced it would not be covered under the existing
contract.) With Wear & Tear or as some carriers designate it Failure Coverage,
the out of tolerance item would be replaced at the same time at no charge other
than the deductible.

To get clarity and specifics on what policies cover and the differences between them its best to ask a specialist . Auto Protection Alliance is an extended auto service contract broker . This means we provide policies from many different A+ rated administrators . We cut out the middle man and can provide choices . We will find the policy that’s right for you while saving up to 68% against the dealerships.


Call the Auto Processing Center today for all of your extended auto service contract questions .

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