Why do I need an Extended Service Agreement?

Auto Warranty Specialists

Auto Protection Alliance

Approximately 33% of all vehicles experience a breakdown in a given year. Should
this happen to you after the factory warranties expire, you have nothing to
protect you from repair costs that can be in the thousands of dollars. More
importantly, owners will frequently put off needed repairs until they can afford
the cost of the repair. This delay often results in additional damage to the
vehicle, and in some cases an increased repair bill, and often leading to an
unsafe driving condition. The risk of component failure and associated repair
costs increases with your vehicle’s age and mileage. Auto Protection Alliance
offers a variety of quality programs, comprehensive extended auto service contracts that
protect your budget against unexpected repair charges. Think of an extended
service contract  as a risk-management tool that ensures that repairs to your vehicle are
performed when they are needed. All our mechanical breakdown protection  policies are transferable so your
vehicle will be worth more when you sell it. Please contact one of our
Professional Brokers to discuss the coverage that best fits your needs.

our qualified and professional staff are here to assist you in making a decision that will be the best fit for you and your family . Contact our customer service department or if you prefer use our online quote tool to get a free quote today!

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